Why choose Ginseal

Company Strength

  • customized products are on request
  • problem-solve ability
  • quality reliability
  • reputation

Production Capacity

  • No MOQ
  • stock
  • Flexibility
  • short delivery


  • many different kinds gaskets
  • one-stop gasket supplier
  • we can design for customers, manufacturing, shipping…
  • sealing problem solver
  • sales-after service

History: We have more than 30 years experience of sealing field.

How do I know the size I need
The inner dimension of the gaskets is the size of the hole or bore:
  1. For Ring Gasket (RF)
    • Simply measure the diameter of the inside of circle (also called I.D.),then the diameter of the outside circle (O.D.)
  2. Full Face
    • I.D. & O.D.(like on ring gasket),count numbers of bolt holes,measure the holes’ diameter.
    • then measure the bolt circle: center point of one bolt hole to center point of another bolt hole directly opposite of it.
  3. Oval Gasket
    • When measuring an oval gasket, you need four dimensions: the two inside diameters, the width and the thickness of the gasket.
  4. Spiral wound gasket
    • Four dimensions:
      • D1:the inner ring’s inside diameter
      • D2:the inner ring’s outer diameter /inside diameter of the sealing face
      • D3:the outer ring’s inside diameter / outside diameter of the sealing face
      • D4:the outer ring’s outside diameter the thickness of sealing face the thickness of inner ring & outer ring
What is the right material
Determined by the application where gaskets are used for:
  • If the application involves water or some other liquid or gas, then choose a rubber.
  • For food, electrical or chemicals, choose a special rubber or PTFE ( in the low-pressure environment)
  • For temperature above 450℃ with no oxygen, please choose graphite
  • If you have an extremely high temperature but with little pressure, please consider mica
  • If there’s a specific environment, then please consider FDA grade material.
For more details, please contact us for advice
Do you offer discounts on large orders?

Yes, of course. Please contact us to get the best discount for your order.

I just placed my order, is it possible to change my shipping service?

Of course you can, just contact us before shipment. We can talk about it.

Can I cancel or change an existing order?

If the order is under production, I guess you cannot cancel it. But you can change some items if these finished items are standard not customized.

How much will shipping cost and what methods do you offer?

The shipping cost will be calculated based on the gross weight and volume of a detailed order, please contact us to check it out. We have own forwarding agent and can give a very competitive freight cost.

We can supply our products by air or by sea or by courier, whatever you prefer, you can kindly contact us about it.

When will my order be shipped?

We will keep our orders in time, that means once we confirmed the delivery date with you when placing order, we will always keep it on time.