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Ginseal, a professional gland packing seals company, supplies one-stop valve&pump packing solutions which are used to seal a rotating or reciprocating shaft against fluids.

Our sealing packing is used as static sealing in manholes, tanks, hatch, etc. and it will reduce the leakage of the fluids in centrifugal pumps, gear and screw pumps. It also works as a dynamic seal for mixers and pumps, valves and other industrial equipment in rotary motion.

Order Information From Gland Packing Seals Company

  • No MOQ Limited. OEM/ODM Service Offered
  • Gland Packing Types: Expanded Graphite Packing, PTFE Packing, Carbon Fiber Packing Impregnated PTFE, Aramid PTFE Fiber Packing
  • Delivery: Sample or small order via airfreight delivery within 7 days; Bulk order via shipping delivery within 30 days.

The cost of seal packing is lower compared to that of the mechanical seal. Braided packing wraps around the shaft of a pump and fills in dead space to prevent the leakage of the fluid with its rope-like structure. It is easy to install and repair.
To obtain the best sealing function, it is critical to select carefully the material for gland packings.

Different material of braided packing is used for different applications, usually, the choice of material is determined by four main factors: chemical resistance or PH level, pressure in the flow system, the temperature of the fluids, shaft linear speed. The packing works as a seal by providing compensation of the gap on the rotating shafts and in this way it controls the leakage of the fluids and prevents the loss of valuable process fluids and unnecessary emission into the environment. The shaft linear speed will generate significant amounts of heat caused during friction and it will result in excessive wear of the braided packing, thus shorten its work-time. It is important to choose the type of gland packing which can withstand the required working conditions and is chemical resistant to the working medium.

It is essential to consider the max. temperature to get an excellent seal performance from braided packing. The medium’s temperature is not the same as the packing temperature as the packing always works at a higher temperature due to the friction.

Gland Packing Material:

There are five basic types of material for gland packing: natural fibers, flexible graphite, PTFE, aramid and carbon fibers, and these materials cover more than 90% of the gland packing in the market. And they have their own characteristics which determine them, especially for different applications. And we can also impregnate these materials to improve their sliding properties and heat dissipation. The most common impregnates are PTFE and graphite.

  • Natural fibers:

  • There are cotton, ramie, flax for natural fibers. We Ginseal always supply aramid fiber packing with PTFE impregnation which equips the packing with excellent mechanical properties, resistance to abrasive wear and low friction. The recommended condition is max. the working temperature of 120℃ with PH 5~9 and shaft speed of 6m/s.
    Packing made of natural fibers is often used for clean water, in circulation pumps etc.

  • Flexible graphite:

  • It is a type of graphite yarn formed from a thin graphite film which is the basis of the part of gland packing. With its good thermal and chemical resistance, thermal conductivity and self -lubricating properties and flexibility, the graphite packing is an excellent seal resistant to heat shocks and overheating, at the same time it generates low friction in all conditions. The recommended working condition is max. the temperature of 450℃ with PH 0~14 and shaft speed of 40m/s.

    Graphite gland packing is suitable for dynamic centrifugal pumps for water, petroleum derivatives, and other chemicals, especially for high pressure and high-speed conditions.

  • PTFE:

  • PTFE is a kind of plastic material with the highest chemical resistance and can withstand strong oxidants and have high thermal resistance and low coefficient of friction.

    Ginseal always supply PTFE based packing with 100% pure PTFE packing and black PTFE packing (graphited PTFE packing or PTFE packing impregnated with graphite). Graphited PTFE packing provides better sliding properties and heat resistance, thus it has a longer service life and can withstand higher shaft pressure and shaft speed.

    The recommended working conditions is max. The temperature of 260℃ with PH 0~14 and shaft speed of 15m/s for pure PTFE packing while 25m/s for graphite PTFE packing.
    PTFE Packing is suited in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

  • Aramid Fibers:

  • It is a synthetic fiber and always in yellow color. We always supply aramid fiber packing impregnated with lubricant or PTFE dispersion. Aramid Packing has excellent high mechanical resistance and abrasion resistance. The common aramid packing is always a combination of aramid with PTFE sometimes graphite PTFE and in zebra format or aramid corners.
    The recommended working conditions is max. the temperature of 260℃ with PH 3~13 and shaft speed of 10m/s.

  • Carbon Fibers:

  • Carbon fiber is light and durable as well as resistant to high temperatures and abrasion which make carbon fiber-based packing an excellent dynamic seal.

    The recommended working conditions is of max. the temperature of 600℃ with PH 0~14 and shaft speed of 20m/s.

    Carbon Fiber Packing is suitable for repair and service of industrial and power fittings.

Gland Packing Dimensions:

We always supply gland packing with its cross-section dimensions in mm from 3mm t0 30mm.
And other dimensions please kindly contact Ginseal technical team.