Ring Joint Gasket

Factory outlet gasket from China Ring Joint Gasket Manufacturer with high performance and affordable price. Ginseal Ring Type Joints are a kind of forged ring which will be installed into the machined groove of an RTJ flange. After tightening the bolts, the ring joints will be compressed between the flanges into the grooves, and the rings will give an efficient sealing function after deforming. In this way, the metals material for the API ring gaskets is typically chosen to be softer than the flange material in order to prevent any damages to the flanges.

Ring joint gaskets are widely used in refinery, petrochemical and oil field drilling industries. and the rings are generally used for high pressure and high-temperature applications.
Ginseal RTJ flange gasket is manufactured in accordance with API – 6A, API 17D, and ASME B16.20 specifications and comes in six basic profiles: R oval, R octagonal, RX, and BX, SRX, SBX.