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Are you searching for affordable gasket making machines from China gasket machine manufacturers?  Ginseal, one of the leading gasket machine manufacturers, not only produce sealing product, but also supply different gasket machine to produce spiral wound gaskets, kammprofile gaskets, double jacketed gaskets, graphite-reinforced gaskets and etc.

Our gasket machine mainly includes Spiral Wound Gasket Machine, Kammprofile Gasket Making Machine, Gasket Press Machine, Metal Jacketed Gasket Maker Machine, Double Knives Gasket Cutting Machine, Eyelets Wrapping Machine, Gasket Punching Machine, Metal Shaping Machine, etc.

As a professional gasket making machine suppliers, We have professional production line for the gasket machines and still keep improving the machine's performance.
  • Spiral Wound Gasket Machine: we have spiral wound gasket manufacturing machines for machining the rings to make a trough on the outer ring and a groove on the inner ring, and machines for manufacturing the sealing element of the gaskets which is called gasket winding machine. We supply three types of winding machines for different sizes of the sealing element.
  • Kammprofile Gasket Machine: the machine is just for machining the groove on the gaskets’ surface.
  • Metal Jacketed Gasket machine: the machine is to jacket the filler with a stainless tape and then pouch it to the finished gaskets.
  • Double Knives Gasket Cutting Machine: It is to cut the non-metallic gaskets’ inside diameter and outer diameter together at the same time, that means only need to cut the sealing sheet one time we can get a ring gasket. The machine can cut non-asbestos sheets and graphite Sheets and rubber sheets, etc.
  • Eyelets Wrapping Machine: The machine is to wrap the graphite reinforced gaskets with inner and outer eyelets.
  • Metal Shaping Machine: The machine is to shape the stainless steel strip/tape, and it’s always to shape the eyelets of tanged graphite gaskets.
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