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Ginseal, one of the leading professional gasket sheet manufacturers&suppliers in China, has been involved in sealing sheet product manufacturing for over 20 years. Our seal plate has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, good toughness, etc.

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  • No Minimum Order Quantity Limit; OEM/ODM Service Offered.
  • Available Sealing Sheet Types: PTFE Sheet, Flexible Graphite Sheet, Non-Asbestos Sheet
  • Delivery: Sample or small order via Airfreight delivery within 7 days; Bulk order via shipping delivery within 30 days.

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Ginseal, as one of the leading gasket sheet manufacturers and suppliers, can provide a complete range of sealing sheets including graphite sheets, asbestos-free sheets, and PTFE sheets. All our gasket sheet types are listed below:

Graphite Sheet:

Graphite sheets are ideal for sealing high-temperature applications, chemical environments, and low bolt load situations. The gasket sheets can provide perfect sealing function while used gas and steam supply and chemical industries due to its chemical, thermal, and mechanical resistance.
We have four types of graphite sheet:
  1. Pure graphite sheet: It is manufactured from highly pure flake graphite by compressing into sheets or rolls. Its carbon content is above 99%. And suitable for highly demanding conditions in chemical and petrochemical industries as a result of its high creep resistance.
    The flexible graphite sheet has good thermal conductivity and it’s an ideal filler for spiral wound gaskets, double jacketed gasket, and layers for kammprofile gaskets. The graphite plate can also be cut into gaskets to be used as seals in low-pressure sealing conditions.
  3. SS tanged Graphite Sheet: It is manufactured from two layers of expanded graphite sheet with a tanged stainless steel sheet reinforced. The SS tanged graphite gasket sheet supply strength for the graphite sheet, so it can be used as flange gaskets which can seal in the relatively higher pressure sealing condition compared to the pure flexible gasket.
  5. Graphite SS plate sheet:  It is manufactured based on an expanded graphite sheet with a stainless steel foil insert. Il;t can be used in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, paper mills, mines, and other industrial fields.
  7. Graphite SS wire reinforced sheet: It is a kindly of laminated graphite with reinforcement of SS wire mesh insert.

Non-Asbestos Sheet:

As the asbestos is harmful to humans, non-asbestos material is manufactured to be a replacement for it.
The jointing sheets are used in the general industry, water treatment, oil and gas, food processing, etc. We also call the material in abbreviation as AFC (Asbestos Free Compressed sheet), CNF (Compressed Non-asbestos fiber sheet) and CAF (compressed Asbestos-free Sheet)
Ginseal’s non-asbestos compressed jointing sheet is made from aramid fiber, mineral fiber, and inorganic fillers bonded with synthetic NBR elastomers.
We have different jointing sheets suitable for different environments and temperatures.
Please check our product list and contact our sales team to figure out what type you need.

PTFE Sheet:

PTFE is called the king of plastics and it has excellent thermal and electrical insulation and low coefficient of friction properties. PTFE sheet is a perfect sealing material for high-temperature and low friction applications. It’s capable of continued working at a 260℃ environment. PTFE sheet has great chemical resistance and it’s much safe in most solvents at temperature up and around 300℃

With great temperature range, chemical and corrosion resistance and perfect electrical, non-stick and anti-microbial properties, PTFE based products can be manufactured to many different components.

Ginseal can provide different types of PTFE plate:
  • Skived PTFE Sheet (100% pure PTFE), It is always supplied with the thickness of 0.2mm up to 6mm.
  • Molded PTFE Sheet (Virgin PTFE or pure PTFE), It is available from 1.5mm up to 30mm thick.
  • Modified PTFE Sheet. It is a chemically modified type of PTFE and has new characteristics added to the properties of virgin PTFE and always improves PTFE capabilities such as by providing longer working life, increased stiffness and better creep resistance. We supply a modified PTFE sheet with by filling with glass fiber, glass microsphere, carbon, silica and etc,
  • Expanded PTFE sheet (Soft PTFE Sheet). It is a kind of multi-directional expanded PTFE PLASTIC sheet similar to Gore quality. It’s also manufactured from 100% virgin PTFE and food approved and has excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
Our sealing sheet can be used as a rubber gasket sheet, neoprene gasket sheet, ptfe gasket sheet, etc. If you want to get detailed information about the sealing sheet price and specifications, please chat with us.