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Ginseal not only supply various kinds of sealing gaskets and sealing sheet but also provide raw materials for manufacturing sealing gaskets. In this way, we are one-stop for our clients by providing a full range of fillers, strips, windings, and inner and outer rings in many materials.

Fillers Material:

We provide a full range of filler material for spiral wound gaskets:

  • Graphite tape: It’s the most common material for manufacturing SWGs and made from high purity graphite with no fibers or binder. The graphite tape provides outstanding performance over a wide temperature range.

  • PTFE Tape: It has all the characteristics of PTFE and it’s soft to manufacture the spiral wound gasket. It is able to withstand high pressure up to 210 bar and high thermal stability up to 315℃. The tape is suitable for chemical environments.

  • Mica tape: It is cut from mica roll and has quite exceptional flame-resistant characteristics, electrical insulation, and chemical resistance. It is used in the environment of super-high temperature.

We also have other filler material for spiral wound gaskets like non-asbestos filler, ceramic fiber filer, expanded PTFE filler and etc.

The dimension of filler material is available in 5.3~6.0mm for width and 0.2~0.8mm for thickness. Please contact Ginseal technical team for more information or advice.

Winding Material:

Winding material for spiral wound gaskets is always supplied in stainless steel strips or hoops.

For example SS304, SS316, SS321, SS347, Inconel, Monel, Ti, Duplex super stainless steel.

We always provide the windings in flat or V-shaped / W-shaped for our clients to manufacture 3.2mm thick or 4.5mm thick spiral wound gasket.


Rings for spiral wound gaskets mean inner rings and outer rings for spiral wound gaskets.

the outer ring is always with inner trough machined compared common flat metallic gaskets while the inner ring is with the groove on the outer edge.

We supply different materials for the rings as well as the flat metal ring.