Non-asbestos Gasket

Non Asbestos Gasket, also name asbestos free gasket, Non CAF gasket, is made of aramid fiber and artificial rock wool (sepiolite) as the compressed material, and natural rubber, styrene-butadiene or NBR rubber as the adhesive, and is specially made by the rolling method. Ginseal, one of the leading compressed non asbestos gasket manufacturers, has been focused on Non-asbestos gasket manufacturing that used to replace asbestos gasket. Because asbestos is not good for people’s health. The basics are the filler and the elastomer used.

While no two compounds (or the % of filler) are identical, the basic Elastomers are NBR (Buna-N), SBR or Neoprene. Produces custom die-cut gaskets and water jet cut gaskets using the above compressed non-asbestos materials for all applications. These materials are generally available in thicknesses ranging from 1/64″ to 1/4″ thick. Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing can be added to most compressed non-asbestos gaskets we manufacture to aid in our customers’ applications.