PTFE / Teflon Gasket

PTFE Gasket, also named Polytetrafluoroethene Pads or Teflon gasket,  is always cut from PTFE sheet or molded from PTFE powder. Ginseal-one of the leading PTFE gasket manufacturers, has been focused on manufacturing PTFE gasket with excellent characteristics such as excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, insulation, and cleanliness.
PTFE gasket is alternative for use with low mechanical stress and low pressure-temperature load. The gasket is highly resistant to practically all chemicals except for fluorine, halogen oxides, molten and dissolved alkali metals

Our PTFE gasket is widely used in many fields such as chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, Chlor-alkali, acid production, phosphate fertilizer, pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical fiber, dyeing,  coal gas, organic synthesis, nonferrous metallurgy, steel, atomic energy,  food, and beverages, etc.

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