Ring Joint Gasket / Lens Gasket

Made from high-performance, durable metal materials, Ginseal lens gasket, also named high-pressure gasket, widely used in all types of high-pressure piping systems and in pressure vessel heads. In the high-pressure pipeline connections, the lens pad sealing structure has a wide. The sealing surface of the lens pad is a spherical surface, which is in contact with the conical sealing surface of the pipe. The initial state is a circular line. Under the action of the pre-tightening force, the lens pad is plastically deformed at the contact point, the ring line becomes an endless belt, and the sealing performance is better. Because the contact surface is naturally formed by the spherical surface and the inclined surface, the gasket is easy to center.


  • High temperature and high-pressure resistance, suitable for high-pressure flange;
  • Durable and reliable seal;
  • Adapt to the working conditions of pressure and temperature fluctuation

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