PTFE Fiber Packing

PTFE Packing, also known as PTFE fiber packing, Teflon packing, is made from pure PTFE fiber. Because it is solid braided and has flexible adjustability, it can be well-matched with the shaft and stuffing box.

PTFE Gland Packing is good at handling aggressive fluids and when there’s a leakage, braided packing is easy to be adjusted and can keep the pump fully functional compared with mechanical seals which need to be taken out the pump to repair.

GINSEAL PTFE packing is a self-lubricating chemically inert, non-toxic, and it’s braided with 100% pure PTFE yarn. It is carefully impregnated before braiding to a formed packing. PTFE Packing can be used in corrosive chemicals, solvents, oils. It is widely used in the food industries, the pharmaceutical industry.

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